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Financing Options

These lenders are ready to do business with you to help you purchase a home.

You will generally need a credit score of 600 or better to qualify for a loan.  In addition, you will need a down payment of 3% to 10% of the value of your project, depending on your credit.

Some lenders will allow you to use your land as a down payment, if it is paid for and has no mortgage on it.

If you call any of these lenders, they will be happy to assist you to fill out their application over the phone, or you may fill out their application online.


Mountainside Financial                                            Precision Financial Corp.

27 Wells Road                                                            1565 Burton SW

Fairfax, VA 05454                                                       Wyoming, MI 49509

Phone: (877) 475-6852 Josh Ducharme                    Phone: 888-847-5747

Fax: (877) 475-6866                                                   Fax: 888-857-9766

Email:                                    Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time

APPLY at:              APPLY at:

                                                                                   IN PARK FINANCING ONLY


First Guaranty Mortgage Corp                                 Cascade Financial Services

Trent Nichols                                                               Chris Huelsman

8180 Greensboro Dr Suite 500                                   6816 E. Brown Road

McLean, VA 22102                                                      Mesa, AZ  85207

Phone: (800) 296-2275 Xt 4933                                 Phone: (877) 869-7082

Fax: (877) 258-0121                                                   Fax: (480) 539-4915

Email:                                         Email:

APPLY at:                             APPLY at:


Premier Home Mortgage                                          Oxford Bank & Trust

Noel Watts                                                                  1111 W. 22nd St., Suite 800

6350 Stevens Forest Road, #302                               Oak Brook, IL  60523

Columbia, MD 21046                                                  Phone: (765) 418-8665

Phone: (317) 534 0468                                              Fax: (630) 628-0266

Fax: (866) 722-6656                                                   Email:

Email:                  APPLY at:




First Federal Savings Bank                                       Montage Mortgage

301 E Ninth Street                                                       Jaye Alexander

PO Box 527                                                                 11016 Rushmore Drive, Suite 200

Rochester, IN 46975                                                    Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: 574-223-2128                                                 Phone:  (704) 719-2461 ext 290

Toll-Free: 800-422-3372                                             Email:

Fax1: 574-223-8462                                                    Apply At:

Fax2: 574-223-1766                                                    Will review ALL credit scores.  Will do FHA,VA,

E-mail:                     USDA, 203k, Land home or Land lease deals.

APPLY ONLINE:           24 months bank statements for all true self   
                                                                                      Employed buyers. 3 day underwriting!


PNC Financial Services Group                              Triad Financial Services, Inc.  

101 North Main Street                                               125 Mooney Drive Suite 1

Auburn, IN  46706                                                     Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Phone: 260.927.9342                                               Phone: 888-936-1179

Cell: 260.402.4284                                                    Fax: 888-936-1290

Fax: 877.612.3913                                                    Email:

Email:            APPLY ONLINE at:


First Republic Mortgage Corp.                              Michigan Mobile Home Loan

Deanna Robinson                                                     Rich Pakenas

14323 Damson’s Creek Blvd                                    5181 Plainfield Ave NE,

Bldg 10, Suite A                                                        Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Ft Wayne, IN 46825                                                  Phone:  616-363-6678

Direct: 260-704-4123                                               Cell:  616-292-2784

Fax: 260-440-2336                                                   APPLY at: 

Email:             Michigan ONLY! Competitive Rates, Low   

APPLY at:              Payments on New/Used, in Park, or on Land

Community Mortgage                                             US BANK

Joelle Boykin, Principal Manager                              Rodney Smith

839 Mill Lake Road, Suite 400                                  900 S Shackleford Suite 300

Fort Wayne, IN 46845                                               Little Rock, AR 72211

Direct: 260-637-7777                                               Phone:(501) 978-1030

Toll Free: 877-829-7161                                           Fax:(501) 978-1031

Email:                           Email:

APPLY at:             APPLY ONLINE at: